jQuery plugins

Here you will find the jQuery plugins I've developed.

I started coding the first one, n-Level Accordion plugin, because I needed something like this and surprisingly I couldn't find anything like it on the internet. So here it is, maybe you need it too.

The second one, Simple Pagination plugin, came as a necessity for building a website of mine the way I want it.

I built the third one, Infinite Scroll, for a project where I needed a carousel with a certain feature, and I didn't find anything like that on the web, except an example that wasn't that good.

On the pages dedicated to these plugins you'll find a demo and a thorough explanation on how to use them.

Happy coding!

  • n-Level Accordion

    If you're familiar with the jQuery Accordion menu, the n-Leveled Accordion plugin or Multi Accordion plugin allows you to have an accordion menu with as many submenu levels as you want.

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  • Simple Pagination

    This plugin is exactly what its name says... a simple javascript pagination plugin.

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  • Infinite Scroll

    This plugin came as a necessity for one of my projects. It's simply a continuously moving carousel with the possibility of pausing the animation on mouse hover. Since the jCarousel, which is the best carousel out there, doesn't have this feature, I saw myself in the need of developing a plugin, a simple one, but one who gives you this possibility.

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  • Circular Carousel

    I built this plugin because I needed a working circular carousel, and surprisingly jCarousel doesn't have this feature working properly. This is a minimal, but working, circular carousel.

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  • Form Validation

    This plugin was built with flexibility and code semantics in mind. It uses only HTML5 required and data-* attributes and it's very easy and intuitive to implement. A major benefit of this plugin is that it is not intrusive at all, and it allows you to have whatever HTML structure you wish, and the validation will still work.

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