Hi there! I am an enthusiast senior web developer working for a great web agency called KONDIMENT for many years now, years in which I have learned lots of things and formed as a programmer. I love making websites, jQuery, PHP and After Effects. In coding I can say I like accuracy, neatness and challenges. Generally speaking, I have a tendency to perfection, which however can sometimes be a disadvantage.

If you're interested, you can see some books and articles I've read, and some videos and video tutorials I've watched.

Here are the technologies I know and my kowledge level in each domain:

Client side Server side CMS Design
HTML/XTML PHP WordPress Photoshop
CSS MySQL Drupal Illustrator
JavaScript CodeIgniter
(PHP Framework)
Oracle Universal
Content Management
Flash CS4
jQuery Site Studio Designer ActionScript 2
Prototype ActionScript 3
After Effects CS4
Sony Sound Forge

In the near future I plan to enhance my knowledge of Drupal, and to learn Cinema 4D. As for long-term planning, I further intend to finish the Maya training I've started, as well as the Illustrator tutorials which are waiting for me to continue and complete.

If you want, you can see my 3D work on youtube.